Our online store is closed today.

With this campaign, we want to remind consumers that Black Friday is not a reason for reckless spending and purchases triggered by seemingly affordable prices.

Black Friday ja sen ympäröimät alennusmyynnit villitsevät useat ostamaan halpaa ja huonolaatuista tavaraa, ja ostokset tehdään usein spontaanisti. Edullinen hinta ja uskomattomat tarjoukset ovat houkuttelevia, mutta muistutamme harkitsemaan mikä tuotteen hinta todellisuudessa on. Tarjoustuotteen hinta on edullinen kukkarolle, mutta hinta ympäristölle saattaa olla paljon korkeampi.

The offers and flash sales are often tempting, but usually, there’s an ugly truth behind prices. Low pricing is likely the result of unethical labor, cheap materials and low quality, which makes the product life cycle exceedingly short. For the buyer, this is not a drastic loss, but throwaway culture has a fatal impact on the environment. With that said, the price tag tells little about the environmental harms, carbon footprint, unethically, or the abuse of human rights caused by the production process.

This year Globe Hope will yet again be taking part in the Buy Nothing Day (Älä osta mitään -päivä in Finland) campaigning organized on the same day as Black Friday. In Finland, the campaign is organized by Luonto-liitto (The Finnish Nature League). Buy Nothing Day is an international day of protest against consumerism. It’s to encourage consumers to withhold from purchasing anything. Most importantly, the campaign challenges everyone to examine their pattern of consumption and impulsive decision making. The goal is to strive towards sustainable consumption of goods and services.

Globe Hope wants to support the campaigns against Black Friday by reopening the discussion around consumption and this is why we are closing our online store on Friday 27.11.2020.

This campaign is not just one among others. Not one day in a year. Not just a moment to stop and think. The improvement in consumer behavior is a process that requires hard work, commitment, and persistence. We are up for the challenge. Are you?

Black Friday is not a reason for reckless spending and purchases triggered by seemingly affordable prices. Every purchase should be with careful consideration.
Tänään ja huomenna. 

Read more about Buy Nothing Day -campaign in Finland

Join the conversation! Does Black Friday have as serious an impact as we claim? Are you taking part in the Buy Nothing Day?

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