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Responsible business gifts

What if your next corporate or image product was responsible?

By choosing responsible staff and corporate gifts, you can effectively communicate your company's values while saving valuable natural resources. Globe Hope manufactures image products from recycled materials that not only represent a sustainable alternative, but also tell a unique story. It is particularly meaningful if the product is made from your company's own discarded textiles. This adds value to the gifts and sends a strong message about your company's commitment to sustainability.


Corporate products made from Globe Hope's personalised recycled materials

Globe Hope offers designed and manufactured customized corporate gifts such as bags, backpacks, toiletry bags, laptop sleeves, tote bags and corporate apparel. All these gifts are always made from recycled materials, making them ecological and sustainable choices. Our business is strongly based on ecology, ethics and aesthetics.

Globe Hope business gifts represent high quality, responsibility and timeless design. They convey your company values and communicate your commitment to environmentally friendly choices. You can also customise the products with your company logo for a personalised and unique look.

Our most popular recycled materials include mats, sails, seat belts and surplus leather. These materials offer interesting and sustainable alternatives for gift making. You can also choose from Globe Hope's own collection of products and personalise them with your company logo. This way you can create personal and meaningful gifts that represent your company's values and communicate sustainability.

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Bags and accessories from the company's own discarded textiles

Has your company accumulated discarded textiles, such as workwear, banners, flyers, or textiles discarded due to brand rebranding? Don't discard good material!

We make recycled products from corporate textile waste, such as bags, backpacks, toiletry bags, laptop covers or pouches. If the material is in poor condition and not suitable for reuse as such, it can be recycled in other ways, in the most resource-efficient way possible.

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Cozy Globe Hope business clothing with your own print

Staff workwear is an essential part of a company's brand image. By choosing workwear made from recycled materials, you are effectively communicating your company's responsible values while promoting the circular economy. Globe Hope offers companies a wide range of sweatshirts and tights made from industrial cotton waste and recycled plastic bottles. All designs are available customised with your own print or company logo.

Sizes: S-XXL
Material: 60% recycled cotton, 40% recycled polyester

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The Zero Waste service concept recycles all the company's textile waste.

The Zero Waste concept offers companies and organisations a convenient solution for recycling textile waste. We take care of a resource-efficient recycling process for all the company's textile waste, including those in poor condition, from start to finish, according to the customer's needs. We provide the client with a report containing information on textile recycling and suitable for communication purposes.

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Rap band Gasellit promoting the circular economy

Gasellit, one of Finland's most popular rap bands, released their successful album ZEN in February, which went straight to number one in the charts. The album release was accompanied by a massive outdoor advertising campaign, including a huge banner placed on the wall of the Forum shopping centre. At the end of the campaign, the band did not want to discard the banner and explored the possibility of recycling it.

The Gasellites contacted Globe Hope to explore the possibility of reusing the banner. The collaboration resulted in the production of yoga mats and reusable mugs under the Gasellit x Globe Hope brand, using the recycled banner as material. This innovative approach allowed the old material to be given a new life while promoting sustainable consumption.

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Ponsse Corporation and Globe Hope together towards a better future

In 2021, Ponsse Plc started working with Globe Hope to develop its branded products to be more sustainable. The first phase of the collaboration was implemented by producing corporate clothing made from 100% recycled materials. These garments were branded with Ponsse's well-known logo, thus representing the company's recognisable image. This collaborative project demonstrates Ponsse Plc's commitment to sustainable and responsible operations and supports the circular economy by using recycled materials in its own branded product range.

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HKL recycled its waste textiles responsibly with the Zero Waste concept

The Helsinki City Transport Authority recycled its workwear with maximum resource efficiency through Globe Hope's Zero Waste service . A total of 700 backpacks were made from workwear as gifts for staff.

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Tana Oy as part of the pioneers

Tana Oy, a Finnish environmental technology company, demonstrated its responsibility by recycling its broken cloth bags and using their material in recycled products. Globe Hope produced branded toiletry bags and face masks for the company using these recycled materials. This collaborative project highlights Tana Ltd's commitment to sustainability and the circular economy and demonstrates their desire to use resources responsibly and create new value from existing materials.

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