The production process for recycled products is often more challenging and laborious than for products made from virgin raw materials.

Our production process includes material separation and sorting, cleaning, and quality control. Material constraints often determine the structure of our collections, and many products are available for a limited time only.

Long-term subcontractor relationships in Finland and Estonia

We sort and clean materials, and design and layout our products at our Nummela site. The bags and accessories are then manufactured locally in Finland and the Baltics. The remanufacturing of recycled and surplus materials requires special skills, which is why Globe Hope fosters long-term supplier relationships.

Globe Hope's products have been awarded the Design from Finland and Avainlippu labels, which support Finnish employment.


Material orientation is central to all our products and several materials have become a trademark of Globe Hope. For example, safety belts, fair mats, canvas, and various materials from the military have delighted our customers for years. Most of the recycled materials we use come from Finnish companies. The exceptions are some of the military materials, which come from Sweden or Central Europe, and the 2 quality seat belts, which come to us from European seat belt manufacturers.

The share of new materials in our products is around 5%. To guarantee high quality and durability, we use new metal parts and zippers supplied by Tarvike Friman. We use YKK zippers and rely on YKK's own reporting on sustainability and working conditions. The threads and tapes are partly surplus or recycled. From time to time, we also test more ecological zipper options, and strive to find an ecological yet sustainable alternative for our products.

Seat belt

Seat belt is designed to withstand wear and tear. It's the perfect material for a durable and timeless bag. The belts we use are either recycled belts, or 2nd-rate surplus belts that never found their original purpose.

Fair carpet

The fair carpets are only used once for their original purpose. After the fair, the carpets end up in mixed waste and incineration. Globe Hope rescues once-used fair carpets from Finnish operators and turns them into stylish design products.


Surplus leather is a durable and timeless material. We use 2nd-rate leather, or scraps left over from the industry.


Companies are shedding workwear, for example as a result of branding changes. We produce business gifts and image products for companies from workwear in good condition.


Sailboat canvas is a strong Kevlar or nylon fabric. Once the sail has sailed to its destination at sea, it continues its life as a bag or carryall.

Military textiles

The military textiles we use come from the Swedish and Central European armies. Military sackcs and clothing fabrics are durable and personal materials for bags.


Peat wool is a vegan substitute for wool yarn. The material, which resembles wool in its properties, is a combination of surplus peat yarn from the Finnish Kultaturve and acrylic. We use it for hats and scarves, for example.

Flags and banners

Business marketing is often supported by advertising banners and flags. Flags and banners have a very short life span and end up being incinerated after use. We make banners into responsible business gifts for companies.

Other surplus fabrics

Our warehouse is full of salvaged materials such as cotton fabrics, technical fabrics, faux fur, and car airbag fabric. These materials are used as needed in our various collections.

New materials

The share of new materials is around 5%. To guarantee quality, we use new zippers and other metal parts, for example.

Clothing collection made from recycled yarn

Since 2020, our range has included not only bags and accessories, but also clothes made from recycled yarn. The certified and transparent production process of the garments takes place in Bangladesh and India.

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