Manufacturing products from recycled materials is often more challenging and time-consuming compared to virgin materials.

The manufacturing process includes material sorting, cleaning, and quality control. The limited material sources define the collections and some products might be available for a limited time.

Lajittelemme ja puhdistamme materiaalit toimipisteellämme Nummelassa, ja kaikki laukkumme ja asusteemme valmistetaan lähituotantona Suomessa ja Baltiassa. Myös mallikappaleet ommellaan Nummelassa. Materiaalien koostumus, laatu ja väri usein vaihtelee, jonka vuoksi jokainen tuote on uniikki ja kertoo oman tarinansa.

Globe Hope products are granted with Design From Finland and Finnish Key Flag -symbols.


Materiaalilähtöisyys on keskeisessä asemassa kaikessa kaikissa tuotteissamme. Useat materiaalit ovat muodostuneet tavaramerkeiksi Globe Hopelle. Materiaaleihin kuuluvat erilaiset kierrätetyt tekstiilit, tekstiiliteollisuuden ylijäämäkankaita, sekä erilaisia kovempia materiaaleja. Tunnetuimpia materiaalejamme ovat kierrätetyt turvavyöt, sekä kierrätetty messumatto. Suurin osa materiaaleista tulee suomalaisilta yrityksiltä. Poikkeuksena on osa armeijan materiaaleista, joka ovat peräisin Ruotsista tai Keski-Euroopasta.

Less than 10% of our production is comprised of new fittings and materials. To ensure high quality, we use new zippers and metal parts for bags, from Finnish wholesaler Tarvike Friman. Zip fasteners are YKK zippers, and we trust YKK’s reporting on corporate responsibility and labor conditions. We are planning to test YKK’s more ecological zipper options and replace any that prove to be less durable. If we order new tapes or straps, we order them from the Finnish company Inka.


Seat belts are made to handle endless use and pulling. When they retire from the original purpose, we use them for bags and accessories. Thanks to their shiny surface, seat belts make luxurious vibe to a bag.


Fair carpets are originally only used for a short time, and then dispatched. One man's trash is another man's treasure! We clean fair carpets and reuse them as bags or details of accessories.


We use surplus leather to create timeless and high-quality bags and accessory.


Workwear is made from heavy cotton, durable enstex or cotton mixture that are ideal for the second chance. Workwear also includes several details and small pockets, that fit well for bags.


Sails of boats are strong kevlar material or nylon. When the fabric finishes its career as a sail, we use it to manufacture durable design products.

Army canvas

Army textiles are very versatile. They can handle hard use and washing. That is why we have been using army surplus materials in our bags and accessories since the early days of Globe Hope. Army materials come from Sweden and Central Europe.


Peat-wool is a special mixture of peat, wool and acryl. The material is made in Finland.

Flags and banners

Recycled advertising materials just as banners and flags are often used to create business gifts and products.

New materials

New material share is less than 10% of the product. We use new metal parts, zippers, threads and reflectors.

Other materials

Me olemme valmiit haasteelle, mitä tulee materiaaleihin. Työstämme ajoittain myös muita materiaaleja.

Innovative textile production process.

Since the fall 2020, Globe Hope has manufactured clothing from 100% recycled yarn in cooperation with other Finnish circular economy professionals The production process is fully traceable and certified.

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Selection of cosmetics that fit our values

The pure Finnish nature is the inspiration and source of ingredients in our organic cosmetics. The products contain seed oils and plant extracts, and we use the Northern natural treasures such as beta-glucan, sea buckthorn seed oil, birch tree sap and black currant seed oil.