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Globe Hope - Zero Waste

The Zero Waste service concept is a sustainable way to recycle all surplus textiles resource-efficiently.

TheZero Waste concept is a hassle-free way for companies and organisations to recycle all their waste textiles. In addition, the service concept supports the company's ecological goals with little effort, with a reliable partner.

As waste legislation becomes stricter, and sustainability targets increase, you can leave your company's waste textiles to us.

Why join?


Maailmassa viedään kuorma-autollinen tekstiiliä poltettavaksi tai kaatopaikalle- joka sekunti!

The majority, around 95%, of textile waste from businesses is still incinerated. Incinerating textiles is not the most ecological option. It is also a resource-inefficient and not very raw material-friendly way to recycle. By keeping discarded textiles in the household for as long as possible, a company effectively communicates its responsible values.

Use our emissions calculator to calculate how much emissions you can save!

Legislation today guides the use of removal textiles

According to the Waste Act in Finland (Jätelaki 2011/646) mukaan jätehierarkiaa on mahdollisuuksien mukaan noudatettava kaikessa toiminnassa. Jos jätettä syntyy, jätteen tuottajan on valmisteltava jäte uudelleenkäyttöä varten tai toissijaisesti kierrätettävä se.


Since the beginning of 2016, textile waste has not been allowed to be landfilled.


In 2025, textile waste must have a separate collection in the EU.


The Finnish government negotiations recorded a will to have a separate collection in force in Finland even before the EU legislation enters into force.


Be part of the Sustainable Development goals

Recycling of disposal textiles with Zero Waste service concept promotes e.g. the following UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

How does Zero Waste service concept work?

Palvelukonseptin vaiheet:


The preliminary study will provide a turnkey inventory of textile volumes and their life cycle.


Globe Hope analyses the quality and composition of the textiles to be removed, and then develops a service solution.

Leftover textile recycling

We take care of the sorting and cleaning of the materials.


Globe Hope provides the customer with a sustainability report on the use of discarded textiles.


Absolutely nothing new since 2003

Globe Hope is a Finnish company founded in 2003. The company values are Ethics, Ecology and Aesthetics, Sustainability, Impact, and Transparency.

Seija Lukkala, the founder, came up with the idea of reusing and refining discarded materials into design products at the beginning of the millennium. This idea was a starting point of Globe Hope´s story. Sustainable values and responsible business are realised also today in everything we do.

We believe that textile waste can turn into a timeless and durable design product. We create each product using only existing materials: surplus, "waste", or recycled. This is our way of challenging the fashion industry and its standards.

Olemme kehittäneet vuodesta 2017 kokonais-valtaista Zero Waste- konseptia yrityksille. Nosta yrityksesi vastuullisten edelläkävijöiden joukkoon. Ole yhteydessä, niin kerromme lisää Zero Waste  -konseptin mahdollisuuksista!