We are Globe Hope.
This is not only a name but the mindset we share. We are the forerunners in uncompromisingly sustainable design.

Hope is the belief in improvement. A shared belief that things will be better. We know it takes hard work, commitment and persistence.
Yet we are up to the challenge.


We believe there is hope (for our globe). Simple as that. We also know that hope won't get the job done. We want to design and produce the better option. Products that illustrate the fact that impact is a choice anyone can make. By only creating uncompromisingly sustainable designs we are frontrunners changing the whole fashion system.

Our core idea is based on our respect for the planet and its precious resources. We have a strong belief that it is for us to design a way out of the mess we have created. We are here to create a better option. An alternative that requires no new raw materials.


Globe Hope was launched in 2003 by Seija Lukkala, the pioneer in circular economy in Finland. Ever since, we have created every product out of existing raw materials; leftovers, waste, recycled, upcycled - you name it. This is how we choose to run our business. This is us committing to changing the industry we hold dear. 

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