Happy International Zero Waste Week

Since 2003, Globe Hope has done uncompromising work to utilize textile waste in design products for businesses and consumers. In addition to sustainable alternative products, we offer companies a comprehensive Zero Waste service concept by committing to recycle all the company's surplus textiles, regardless of their condition, responsibly and resource-efficiently.

The majority, around 95% of the textile waste of companies, still ends up in incineration. The burning of textiles is not the most ecological option. It is not only resourceless, nor it is not a very material-friendly way to recycle. By promoting the circular economy, we save new materials and cause less emissions.

Innovative ways of using textile waste

To be able to recourse efficiently recycle all the textile waste from our business partners, we are constantly developing new ways of utilizing textile waste in poor condition. The latest use is a recycled textile fiber mat and padding, which we use as a cushion inside pillows, bolsters, yoga mats, and seat pads.

Utilizing textile waste

We launched our ownyoga collectionfor consumers this autumn. The collection's yoga bolster and yoga mat include the recycled textile fiber cushion.

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