We want to design better options for consumers.

Our passion is to create a better option. An alternative for fashion products that requires no new raw materials. Since the beginning of the brand in 2003, we have designed and produced bags, accessories and apparel only from recycled and surplus materials. We are forerunners in uncompromisingly sustainable design.

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Eeva Niinimäki, Vastuullinen vähittäiskauppa
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Our products

All our products are made from 100% recycled or surplus materials. The bags and accessory is produced in Finland or Baltic states, and the clothing is produced in Bangladesh. We launch two timeless collection a year, and most of our designs continue in the product family year after year. We don't believe in trends and seasons when it comes to designs. Instead, we use new materials and colors to make each collection fresh and exciting.


Selection of timeless and unique bags from 100% recycled materials.


Beautiful and innovative jewelry and accessories made from exciting materials!


Our latest addition is ready-to-wear apparel, made from 100% recycled yarn. The collection illustrates the fact that impact is a choice anyone can make.

Organic Cosmetics

Globe Hope's high-quality organic cosmetics are made in Finland from pure Nordic ingredients.

Face masks

Globe Hope face mask has it all: high filtration efficiency, washability, and stylish design.

This is Globe Hope


The world is full of tempting opportunities to take shortcuts or make quick profits. We accept that good things take time and we take great pride in choosing the road less traveled. We are respectful of the globe, but also for the people living in it.


Our core idea is based on our respect for the planet and its precious resources. We have a strong belief that it is for us to design a way out of the mess we have created.


We create timeless simplicity based on circularity. Our competitive edge is being able to create design from "waste". Transforming leftovers into aesthetic apparel and accessories. Beautiful design products that require no new raw materials.


We take full responsibility for everything we do. Sustainability is not something we take lightly. This means making no compromises and cutting no corners.


We envision a world where circular fashion is the norm. We are not here to blame anyone. We are not pointing fingers. We are not looking for crooks or highlighting misery. We are here to positively challenge and change the fashion system by creating better, sustainable options.


We keep all processes transparent, all materials traceable and all information accessible to anyone interested. We are honest, human, and easy to approach. We are not hiding anything, ever our flaws.

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Eeva Niinimäki, Vastuullinen vähittäiskauppa
p. 040 582 6298  tai eeva.niinimaki@globehope.com